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Ding Dong MERS is Dead, the wicked MERS is Dead….

by Martin Macisso

The private company who claims to be a “Nominee” for over 60 million mortgages in America has been leveled by 2 recent Supreme Court Decisions who cited in their orders, that MERS has no agency status as a Nominee.

Please see:


The laymen terms for this: “MERS is a strawman, a legal fiction, and cannot foreclose and/or transfer the a Promissory Note and/or mortgage from one company to the other.

The legal ramifications to these decisions are staggering to the Corporatocracy that runs our world, and the dictatorial manner in which Wall Street bankers have run this country into the ground.

If you are in foreclosure or about to default, please consult with a Housing Counselor or attorney who can cite from these cases and include them in your defense!