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Number of Mainers who are currently deliquent on mortgage: 5,371

According to an annonymous source who works with credit reporting agencies, the number of pre-default households in the State of Maine is an astounding number well over 5000!
This means 5000 Maine families could be facing foreclosure in the next few months.
Unfortunately, the traditional ways to prevent foreclosure in the past are no longer available to many homeowners because refinancing programs are NOT AVAILABLE for deliquent borrowers. Selling the home is now much more complicated because of the falling home prices and very high loan amounts most people took out over the past decade.
There is hope, but you won’t find it through the Obama Administration’s “Making Home Affordable Plan”, a plan that has been pitiful in its execution. (for reasons stated in previous blog)
Unless a homeowners facing hardship can afford an expensive attorney, they have very few options for relief.
We here at Fair Housing Counselors of Maine, offer membership for those facing the threat of foreclosure, where we will provide YOU with the resources and information that can STOP FORECLOSURE and lead to a loan modification or other relief through the use of Court Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Don’t pay thousands of dollars up front to a fancy Loan Modification outfit or a predatory Foreclosure Rescue group.
Contact a housing couselor today for more information on finding the resources to HELP YOURSELF. Call (207) 400-4413 for more information about this non-profit group helping Maine families.